zaporeak Proiektua

In view of the eminent and dramatic humanitarian situation that is occurring with the refugees who are arriving to the Greek coasts, we have decided to join the humanitarian cause and collaborate with the NGOs that are intervening to save lives in the island of Chios with the project SOLIDARITY FLAVORS .

The project “Flavors of solidarity” carried out by the group “Intxaurrondoko Gastronomia Elkartea” is a solidarity-gastronomic activity whose objective is to give  cooked food to the refugees, in collaboration with the groups that operate in the area, approximately 800 or 1000 foods.

We also intend to feed the volunteers of the NGOs (lifeguards, doctors, psychologists, etc.) who are operating on the island of Chios so that they can dedicate themselves exclusively to save lives.

We will attend to the refugees giving them a hot broth or a first meal just after stepping ashore.

We understand and we have it very clear that in this project the whole society must participate as a single collective. Government institutions, corporate group, citizens’ group, sports groups, banking institutions, social groups, etc.