A Drop in the Ocean aims to provide immediate and direct aid to refugees. Our main focus is to help children and their mothers upon their arrival in Europe by coordinating volunteers and by collecting and distributing necessary equipment. A Drop in the Ocean was founded in September 2015 and since then we have coordinated more than 2200 aid workers in Greece, where aid is highly needed.

A Drop in the Ocean is as per November 2016 present at the island Chios, in northern Greece and in the area of Athens. We work directly inside the refugee camps, often run by the national Greek army.

Our main work tasks are to distribute food, clothes and non-food items. We are also involved in planning and organising different activities for children and adults. In addition, we assist in teaching English and provide material and logistics for bilingual education. In all camps we are cooperating with different organisations, such as UNHCR, Help Refugees, Save the Children, the international Red Cross and other partners.

Our volunteers participate in distribution, warehouse logistic, activities for children and construction of various gathering points for the refugees. Working as a volunteer demand many hours of working both inside and outside the camps. When volunteering, you are expected to contribute in a positive manner and accept all kind of tasks that are dispatched by our local coordinators. We are completely dependent of all assistance we can get, and all volunteers have to be committed to the team that is involved in different tasks depending on the need of the moment.

Frivillig arbeid for flyktninger


Around 55.000 people live at the island Chios, situated in the Aegean Sea. This island is actually receiving most of the refugees. The locals are nice, helpful and social people. Chios is often called “the windy island” because of periodically strong winds blowing over the island. Dress appropriately for the climate, and remember that the winters are cold.

At Chios we are operating in the refugee camp Souda situated a ten minutes walk from the centre of Chios town.

We are handing out breakfast, lunch and dinner to around 800 people on a daily basis. We also participate in the preparations of the food. In addition, we organise activities for kids, such as reading, drawing and dancing.

We have our own warehouse where we sort and pack clothes, that are distributed to refugees who live outside the organised camps.

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Athens, the capital of Greece, is a city with 5 millions of habitants. The historical and old Athens is situated around the mount Acropolis. What many people ignore, is that Athens have a lot of small and lovely beaches just a short ride by bus to the suburbs in the south.

In Athens we are present in the official camp Skaramagas, a car ride 40 minutes from the centre. 2500 people live in Skaramagas. In this camp we are operating a “mother- and baby” unit. Women can come here to get clean baby clothes, diapers and also bath their baby, with our help, if needed. We take care of their other children if necessary and give all kind of ad-hoc assistance. A Community Centre is also on the agenda, constructed in cooperation with the refugees. We have our own warehouse where we sort and pack clothes.

Frivillig på jobb

Northern Greece

In the northern Greece we work in the military run refugee camps Nea Kavala and Cherso, situated about an hour from Thessaloniki. Both camps have around 900 residents. We have the responsibility for distributing of clothes and other necessities. Every Sunday we pack vegetables that are handed out to each family in both camps. Warehouse management and logistics are important parts of a volunteer`s work. A good preparation is necessary to assure a fair and satisfactory distribution. We have our own warehouse where we stock, sort and pack the different goods.

The volunteers normally stay in the villages Polykastro, Axoupoli and Gorgopi which are located a 10 minutes` drive from the camp